To a Provence lost in time
To locations of the very old, the sometimes sacred,
occasionally evil.

Places of magic, mystery
Courtly love.

The very places of Miracles & Saints
of battles between Virtue & Infamy.

A Book of Quests
Part I. The Golden Age of Antiquité
Discover the sites where legends were forged in Antiquité.

From the abandoned Roman Empire of fallen Temples, Gods brought from the old Mediterranean, pagan religions of awe, honour and affection still rest...

to the landing in the salt lagoons of the Camargue, of the first refugee Saints from the Holy Land, led by Mary Magdalene, enigmatically slandered now reprievedthe birth of Christianity in Europe to the first Heresy, and places of the Dark Ages.
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A site inhabited by man since before Christ. In popular belief its sacred water source is associated with an entrance to the underworld. Anticipating the fall of Rome it was destroyed by the barbarians in 3OO AD. A Fantome city lost for 15 centuries, appearing only in ancient texts and fantastical maps. Re-appearing when excavations began in 1921.
A Book of Quests Part 2. The Landscape of Courtly Love Provence Mysterious
A guide to the very locations of Miracles and Saints, of battles between Virtue & Infamy. Revealing the hidden ruins and secret trails, the Commanderies of the warrior monks of Christ, the Knights Templar.
The hidden Fortress of Mt. Ségur, the very centre of the Cathar heartland..
A Book of Quests
TRANSLATION. ‘Virgin Mary Servant of the temple of Jerusalem’.
Deserted Castles, Courts of chivalry, the cradle and emerging triumph of a new kind of love, L’amour Courtois.

The erotics of Troubadour love poetry and the Divine Universe of the Middle Ages. Places of Sorcery and liberal heresy, of feud between Popes, Kings and Queens, places of intrigue, terror, and Inquisition.

(Mary is not veiled which may indicate her youth)
A representation inspired by legend according to which the parents of Mary had entrusted her to the temple where she was dedicated to serving the Lord.
The marble engraving (4th C) presents an orante, an early Christian gesture of prayer. The stone would have formed part of the wall around an alter, in the Chancel, a protected space
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Part 3. Toward Enlightenment
From... legends held by both living and abandoned villages. From islands... the Chateau of the Marquis de Sade... a church old enough for one crypt below another where kings, popes and pilgrims prayed... treasures brought back from the crusades, false miracles...
To the Alpes of Haute Provence. The Citadels, Gorges and endless Forests...
Lost valleys and abandoned villages, resting in the abundant sunlight and tranquility of the midi 
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With good reason the islands of the Côtte d'Azur guard their legends.
A Book of Quests

For over twenty years Andrew Squires has explored and photographed these places where, ‘some extraordinary men and women' made History.’

These three volumes bring together a rich selection of sources and photographs which illustrate Provence, seen here, as it may once have been.

Place and region names are in French and English where translation is useful for searching on the ground, on your browser, or any map App for car navigation and forward planning.

An Interactive iBook for people who want to Plan their own adventure. Use to navigate ‘on-the-road’, or off. Discover & Explore your own Provence.

Places and legends for the most part still secret.

Goddess of love and beauty, born of the waves. Seduced fools, men and gods.
Said to laugh gently at those whom she tricked. Nobody could resist her, not even the wise.
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