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Rome total realism 6.0 gold

21 Feb Rome: Total Realism is a complete modification for Rome: Total War developed by an international team of skilled individuals with a passion for history. The essence of the modification is to provide a realistic approach to Rome: Total War's often. Imperator mod is a Roman Campaign mods base on Rome Total Realism and is intended to make Roman Faction campaign harder featuring name and numbered Legions. Metro-Naval is the combination of Metropolis Mod and also Naval Mods for RTR 6 Gold and upgraded for RTR Platinum Edition. RTR 6's campaign takes a broad look at the time between the Pyrrhic War and Augustus' death, whereas RTR VII's focus is on the period between the Pyrrhic War and the eve of the Mithridatic Wars (with a particular look at the Punic Wars in two other campaigns separate from the Grand Campaign).

Recent versions of RTR include Rome: Total Realism VII: Grand Campaign, which uses the newer Barbarian Invasion (expansion to Rome: Total War) engine . The mod further As of version gold, the faction roster removes the Britons and Dacia, condenses the four Roman factions into one, and adds Illyria and Bactria. 12 Jul 6. Its supposed to be more realistic. Romans didn't just recruits soldiers right after they capture a city. 7. Turn off follow AI movements. You can get other In my RTR experience (with Gold and not Platinum, if that makes a difference), cavalry were still very powerful, as long as you managed to hit a unit on. This is a complete modification for Rome: Total War.

There are two different versions of RTR. The official one is Rome: Total Realism Gold. This one requires RTW version to work properly. Rome:Total Realism Platinum Edition is almost exactly the same as Gold, but it uses RTW version It also has a mod:switch version, which is very useful to save space on your. Changed internal roman faction to prevent 66BC CTD (*) when playing as Rome Republic. - Enabled original RTR 6 Gold Intro. - Includes CTD Fix version2 (for RTR Platinum ) by Salvor Hardin. - Some bug fixes here and there. - Make provinces with timber (and ports) only able to recruit naval units.


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