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Cucuron Etabli 1064

30kms north of Aix-en-Provence, a small unique hill top village surrounded by vineyards and olive trees. Within easy reach of Arles or Avignon. It is ideal as a workshop centre, quiet and largely untouched by tourism.

A strategic high point at the foot of the Luberon mountains.

Known as the Donjon this was the Keep, the highest tower within the walls of the old village, built as an observation post, a position for archers and cannon, and as a residence of the Seigneur and his family in time of siege. The first village was built around it. By the late middle ages there were to be three walls surrounding the village of Cucuron.

Un Village Vivant et Animé.
Market day is on one side of the étang, the café on the other.
The village has several Festivals Each year.
The 'Rite of the 'Tree of May' (21st) is dedicated to Saint-Tulle who delivered the village from the Plague of 1720.
Young men would cut down a poplar tree, carry it into the village and tie it to the wall of the church.

They still do.

Once, young women looking for a man to marry, tied a ribbon around the May tree.

As for the young men who were in love, they would plant a miniature poplar in front of the house of their loved one.

The village
Inside the village small winding streets, fountains, and a cafe, all provide spaces to explore and relax, any time of the day.

One of three fortified gates to the old village.
There is a boulangerie, several restaurants, one with a Michelin star, and a small but brilliant cinema.

Several films were shot here including : Jean de Florette & Manon_des_Source, The Horseman on the Roof, with Juliette Binoche and, A Good Year.

Cucuron today remains small, a freindly community living at a relaxed Provençal pace of life.
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