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Today however, we are going to focus on the members of the bad ass Saiyan Trio: Goku, Vegeta, and Trunks. In the Trailer below you will be able to see the variety of Melee Combat and some Super Moves available, all 3 characters' Transformations, and some of their signature Blasts and Attacks. Also, don't worry your. Latest Within All Time For ESF Packs. view_list view_module. view_list view_module. Mods chevron_right Latest Within All Time For ESF Packs. Showing of file_download. An Earth's Special Forces (ESF) Skin Mod in the Other/Misc category, submitted by

ESF Goten Character v Description: This plugin is adding one more character to the esf. The character name is Goten the son of Goku Usage: Just say goten. To add: A transformation for this char: SSJ Goten. Fusion Dance thing this maybe will be a special or something: Goten + Trunks = Gotenks. I have absolutely no affiliation with Funimation and will be using terms and mentioning characters from the TV show DragonBall Z for non-profit purposes only. I am also no in any way affiliated with the team behind ESF (Earth's Special Forces). This FAQ is purely the creation of a fan of this great mod and is, as previously. 16 Feb AMX Character: Vegeta DBS / Revival of F for ESF ECX/RC2 big pack Transformations: Super Saiyan Blue. Hope you like it:) You must have ESF + ECX/RC2 + big back for the character to work properly!.

Dragonball Z. The mod includes nine of your favorite characters who are able to duke it out using numerous beam attacks as well as close hand to hand combat. ESF mixes both elements to bring players intense fast paced with a twist of strategy. Each character is geared towards a different style of play. Some are meant to.


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